8 Tricks To Save Money in 2021

How to save money and that’s exactly what I’m talking about in this video in fact I’m gonna be going over eight different tricks and kind of tips that I have to make saving money easy and just not this big hardship so let’s go over it these are kind of fun to go over these are ones that have helped me and kind of my saving journey lifestyle kind of things so let’s get into it these are eight ways that you can save more money .

The first tip I have for you is delayed gratification and all delayed gratification is is essentially delaying your gratification for something to a later point and usually it’s better than later you know if you did something like I’m gonna give example you’ve you saved your dessert for after the meal then you’re delaying your gratification until after the meal and the same thing can go with purchases so delaying gratification this is where I think about like a 24 hour wait period for things you know if I’m gonna buy something and I think I want it really bad I try to wait 24 hours and just kind of sleep on it a little bit to see if it really is worth it for me so delayed gratification is a big one and this is it’s a muscle you know it’s really hard at first but as you start doing it more and more and for me that 24 hour rules really helped me strengthen that saving muscle that I delayed gratification muscle and it helps also in different parts of life too whether it be my kind of physical life my academic life delayed gratification is huge.

Number two is budget and plan your spending so this is really just what it comes down to you this is really important for someone that maybe is trying to be really frugal or just kind of just wants to have control over their finances because if you’re really trying to save money the first thing you want to know is where your money’s going and that’s what a budget does you know it controls it game plans for where your money’s gonna go where it’s coming from where it’s going and it’s just an important thing to do for anyone really at any point in their life so budgeting and planning is something that you’ve definitely wanted to if you’re trying to save money you can really plan out your investments.

The third way and this way is huge and this is meal prep meal plan so when it comes to really saving a lot of money this is kind of everyone’s bread and butter and this is oftentimes how a lot of people can save a lot of money because if you look at your expenditure sheet if you look at that budget and see where the majority of our money’s going oftentimes it’s going to the food budget you know you pay a lot but by meal prepping and meal planning you can have great meals at a cheap price generally what I do is Saturday I go to the grocery store and I get everything I need for the week and then either Sunday or Monday morning I make all my meals for the week there’s great little meal prep kits you can get on Amazon and different things like that so there’s a lot of different options out here but just planning your meals is so important it’s a great way to save a lot of money and you’re not compromising on like the health of the food you know I have very healthy food when I’m meal prep and if I tried to go and get that one I if I went out to eat I would pay a lot more because generally when you go out the food is quite a bit more expensive especially if they’re trying to be healthy so meal prep meal plan you don’t compromise on the healthiness and it’s just a good thing to do for trying to save a lot of money.

Number four is gonna be all things about used goods so use goods you can just get such a bargain when you do this and I’m this is like a lifestyle I mean use goods think everything you know used-car for me I even get used clothing so I have a local used clothing store that I really like that has really nice stuff sometimes I don’t like some people like oh they’re kind of uncomfortable in here but there are some really nice ones and you find what you like you can get great deals you know I can get some Lou I’ve got Lululemon stuff there before Ralph Lauren Nike at great prices and it’s all because I bought it used and some of the stuff even has their tag on so definitely look used and you can find great deals doing that.

Number five is go generic over name-brand and this is important because when it comes to saving money you never want to really be ripped off and when you’re paying for a name-brand that is kind of being ripped off because you’re paying for something that is outside of what you’re actually getting you know you’re getting this product but you’re paying a little bit more for the name the product it’s like when you eat out and it has an ocean view you’re also paying for that ocean view not so much just the food so what you should do here is just see what the generic name brands are see if there’s a store brand one you know I know go to CVS and I usually know I know what the nice one is and I know what the parallel is over to the store brand one so just be aware of that you get another option for this is just to look on Amazon to see what kind of the competitor prices are for the product that’s performing that same kind of utility and doing that same thing so definitely always look generic over name-brand this is especially important when it comes to just like a lot of hygienic stuff and just beauty materials there’s always usually a generic one that can do basically the same thing.

Number six is don’t buy cheap buy quality now this may seem weird Kelvin this whole video is about trying to save money something we buy cheap stuff and no you don’t want to do that because people have this misconception that they go out and they try to find the cheapest option for everything but in the end it’ll actually cost you more let me let me give an example suppose you want to get a new roof and someone costs a certain amount of money and you go you get that new roof but they did a terrible job so what ends up happening is in a few years say five seven years it breaks down you got to buy it again well then you end up spending a whole lot more head you just got into quality one in the beginning that last year twenty years or something like that so you want to make sure you’re getting a good deal not necessarily cheap so I always try to buy nice things you know especially when I’m buying clothes I want to make sure I’m getting a good deal I’m not just getting a really cheap polo or a cheap t-shirt that’s just gonna break in or just kind of wear down shrink and everything’s like that I might buy more now I try to buy quality stuff that I think is a good deal that I’ll be able to use for a long time.

Number seven is efficient utilities now this is one that can cost a little bit up front in the beginning but in the long run it’ll save you money so when I mean efficient utilities you can look into things like LED light bulbs and anything like that the whole goal here is kind of lower that utility bill so you can look into LED light bulbs you can even get smart thermostats so in my apartment we actually have a nest and you can set that on like opt settings so that it regulates the house in such a way that it’ll lower your utility will will bill and maximize kind of the usage of it so that’s been really nice for us by us I made my roommates and other than that you can just do a whole budget if you go to Home Depot or if you look online how to lower your utility bill you’ll find a whole bunch of different examples about how to do that so these are definitely things that you may want to look into.

Number eight the last one is kill your darlings now I actually am stealing this phrase for my philosophy professor back freshman year of college and she came to us and was speaking to us when we were writing a paper and she said I want you to kill your darlings and we’re like what she wants us to do what and essentially she elaborated and she explained I want you to get straight to the point I want you to take out all the frivolous things that you’re writing you know everything that makes your writing pretty or just adds a little bit of pizzazz to it I want you to get straight to the point I want you to kill your darlings and that’s something that I’ve always had in my mind now when I’m writing I kind of just try to get straight to the point.

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