All About iPad Generation

all about ipad generation

         The History Of Apple And Ipad Generations

Ipad actually is a line of tablet computers that are designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. Apple runs the world’s second-biggest operating systems called iOS and iPad.
As far as I know, I mean as far as the google know, the first iPad was launched on April 3.2010 and of course, the first generation of apple chip was used to create it.

Apple actually uses some generations on their iPad’s to let the people know about the powerful and power efficiency of their processor (chip). The generations indicate the power and all the latest feature along with build quality. The generations of processors used on the Ipad are 1st gen, 2nd gen, 3rd gen, 4th gen, 5th gen , and the latest 6th gen. Higher the gen means higher the performance. Simply, that means you will get more performance when you will upgrade your iPad’s gen.

All About Ipad Generations

            What People’s Think About Ipad And It’s Generation

Now some people will think if they upgrade their IpadOS versions, their iPad generation will be also upgraded. I don’t know some people will think about it or not, it’s just my mind thinks about it, but one of my friends thinks about it as he doesn’t know much about the iPad and all the other technical things.

Let me tell you something, please think once before you buy something. Because when you are about to buy something like iPad (as they are expensive and you are going to buy with your hard saved money), let me remind you, upgrading the iPad version will not upgrade your generations too. If you have a big budget, then, of course, go for the higher gen.

But if you are in a tight budget like me, then go for the lower gen. Lower gen doesn’t mean the iPad will suck. But you clearly know which gen will perform great and which gen is perfect for you. If you really don’t know which gen and which one will be perfect for you, then read this whole article. Because we are going to deeply explore and tell you which one will be the best one for you to buy and where to buy with great deals which will save you some dollars and you can spend them on some other accessories. Well, by the way, make sure to stay connected with us by following us on social media.

All About Ipad Generations

                            Higher Generations Vs Lower Generations

The very first Ipad was released on April 03, 2010 and the chips were used to make the Ipad was Apple A4 which was 1st gen. That was the revolutionary invention of Apple. Then as the company grows up, they released their 2nd generation Ipads where Apple A5 chip was used. In their 3rd gen, they used Apple 5x chip which was more powerful than the Apple A5. In their 4th gen, they used Apple A6x to made their Ipad more powerful than the Apple 5x. 

Apple used A9 chip in their 5th generations and they used Apple A10 in their 6th generation Ipad which was the flagship and most powerful chip from Apple. But now Apple is using their A12 Bionic chip, the world’s most powerful chip, to create their iPhones look and feel like a beast. You will be surprised after knowing this information that recently snapdragon launched their sd 855 which is the most powerful chip in the world which is using android platforms to make their phones beast so that they can fight with Tech Giant Company Apple.

But they are not getting at least the same performance as Apple’s A12 Bionic Chip. And this is called the magic of software optimization. Apple is working hard on its software optimization from 2015 and now here they are. Their software optimization beats the so-called world’s most powerful chip SD855. But if the Android platform optimizes the SD855 then Apple has nothing to but upgrading their chip.

Because recently, I mean one year ago, Google launched its Pixel 2 and it has only one camera on the back but at the same time other low budget mobile phone companies used 2-4 cameras on their mobile sets. But with the power of software optimization, Google proved that their camera is the best. Because with only one camera Goole Pixel 2 can capture amazing and high-quality pictures that beats the Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and last but not least Apple.

So, you have to admit the power of software optimization that can certainly make any low budget phone to the beast. If you are going to buy an ipad, then it will be really great for you. You can do a lot of things via ipad. And of course, you will be really happy with their battery performance.

Their battery performance  is really dope. You will get about maybe 8000 mah on the regular ipad and 8500 mah on the latest gen. If we talk about the ram/memory, you will get about of 256 mb ddr ram which is insanely low for today. You will find lagginess if you use the 1st gen ipad today with all the latest and updated softwares. But you will hardly find someone who is using 1st gen ipad today.

Let's Give You The Proper Detailes Of Ipad Generations