Best Android 10 Features That You Should Know

What Is Android 10?

Android 10 is the latest version of the android platform. Actually, It’s the latest version of their operating system.

It contains all the latest features along with security and a high level of performance. Every android phone company is trying to add this latest operating system in their phones to make their phone’s performance better.

Google has released the first beta of android 10 named in ‘Android Q’ and also they have added this latest operating system in their Pixel and Pixel XL phones to maximize the performance. People were so hyped about this and also people were tweeting that Google should add the latest operating system called ‘Android 10’ or ‘Android Q’ in their next pixel phone and Google did it.

What Are The Features Contains Android Q?

This latest version of their operating system contains some great features and that’s why people are so hyped about this. They have added some great features like navigation, user experience, privacy & security, platform and etc. These features can really optimize any android based mobile phones so that people really can have a great experience through their mobile.

As we already know the iPhone really works hard on its IOS operating system. And if we talk about their IOS operating system, then you have to admit it that their operating system is really great if we compare it with the android operating system. Let’s talk about the IOS operating system and android operating system.

Can We Compare The Android 10 With The IOS Operating System?

IOS operating system is really very powerful and there is no doubt about this. Android is also very powerful but we can’t compare it with the IOS operating system. IOS, I mean, Apple company spends a lot of money on their operating system to make it more smooth like butter & cheese.

People shouldn’t compare their operating system with the android operating system and they shouldn’t say that the android operating system is much better than theirs. And that’s why you can say their mobile phone’s price is much expensive compared to android mobile phones.

They spend about Billions of dollars in their operating system and they are continuously spending money to make their operating system cooler and more powerful ( Apple ).

Android Q

Android Phone
Android Phone

Let’s Talk About Now About The Features That Contains Android Q

Android 10 is the first operating system that has the ability to run 5G networks on their mobile phones. But firstly, I think I should tell what is the difference between Android Q and Android 10. Actually, Android Q is the beta version of Android 10 and it was named by actually Google. So, there is nothing to worry about because these two are the same and there is no difference between them.

The Dark Theme

The dark theme has been always fascinating to us. It looks much cooler than the regular theme. But this time the dark theme has been upgraded to a newer level. This dark theme not will be just amazing, it will be also good for human eyes.

When a human eye spends a lot of time on mobile phones using their regular theme, the theme actually hurts the eye. You will see no difference in just a year but you will surely see the difference in a few years. You will not be able to see anything through your eyes.

So, this dark theme will, of course, help your eye to feel good and your eye will last longer. It’s not funny but how I am explaining this thing is funny. Because if I write these things in a funny way, you will get some fun by reading my post along with some really important information.

By the way, this new true black theme uses true black color to maximize your battery life and performance. It will also change the interfaces of the apps how Google and other apps look like. Anyway, it’s a great feature for those people who spends half of the day of their life on mobile phones.

Gesture Navigation

The gesture is the best feature for time-saving. Sometimes we want to shoot an instant picture and it can be only possible with the gesture function. We do a lot of things through this function.

Let’s see an example: Think we suddenly saw something that we wanna captured with the camera of our phone. But the main problem is we have to open (I mean unlock ) our mobile phone then we will have to enter into the camera function and then click the capture button to click a single photo.

This is a long time process and you can’t do that in just a second. But you can do this through your gesture feature on your mobile phone. Just a simple gesture can take your photo in just a sec. That’s why gesture function is more popular than the other functions.

You can set up a lot of gestures on your mobile phone to save some seconds and for intense moments. Huh! Save some seconds! It’s really very fun to save some seconds for me. Because I spend half of my daydreaming what I will do when I will earn billions of dollars.

Whatever I am not wasting my time through this because if you don’t have a dream, you can’t get any kind of success. Because of the dream you see, this dream will not let you sleep. It will encourage you more to work more hard to get to achieve your dream.

What Are The Exact Features That Have Android Q?

There are actually a lot of features in android 10. But some of the features are really very amazing and that’s why people are so hyped about it. Yes, there are some functions that are really cool and Android Q specially made those functions for people like us who can’t afford An iPhone.

Android phones have always thought about normal people and that’s why they always kept down their phone prices so that normal people can afford their mobile. However, the functions that made people so hyped are below down here.

  • Improved Privacy Controls
  • New Gesture Navigation
  • Google Assistant “Handles”
  • Accent Colors & Theming Options
  • System-wide Dark Theme
  • Native Screen Recording
  • Native Desktop Mode
  • Grouped Silent Notifications
  • QR Codes to Connect to Wi-Fi
  • Google Pay in the Power Menu

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