GoPro HERO8 Black

“GoPro” is gaining popularity as an ultra-compact camera.

GoPro announces new products with improved performance each fall, but the newly released GoPro HERO8 Black also launched on October 25 in mid-fall.

The mainstream GoPro HERO7 Black was also released in mid-September 2018, so this time it was a model change just a year later.

GoPro updated every two years

The GoPro action camera has been developed as the GoPro HERO series until now, but the GoPro HERO8 Black released this time is the 8th generation GoPro HERO series as the number shows.

As I said at the beginning, GoPro undergoes model changes every two years, and with each model change, performance improves, new features are added, and it is a constantly updated product.

Important changes to GoPro HERO8

First of all, after changing the model from the conventional GoPro HERO7 Black model to HERO8 Black, we will collect and present the parts where major changes can be seen.

Larger than previous GoPro

The GoPro HERO series is attracting attention as its performance evolves with each model change, but one of the main changes to the GoPro HERO8 Black released this time is the change in size, such as the appearance of the camera body.

The camera body is larger than the previous GoPro HERO series and the exterior design has been changed.

The width and height have increased by about 4mm each, but the camera body is about 4-5mm thinner than before.

Other expansion accessories

GoPro Hero
GoPro Hero

In the past, most mounts were attached to the camera body to extend the shooting range, but accessories advertised on GoPro HERO8 Black have become accessories with a completely different approach.

At the same time as the GoPro HERO8 Black, three modular products were announced: “Media Modular”, “Display Modular” and “Light Modular”.

The Media Modular acts as a microphone or HDMI output port, and the Display Modular acts as a directional screen so you can see what you see when you point your GoPro in the direction. As the name implies, the modular lights also feature LED lights, giving a flash presence to subjects at close range.

Delete previously contained frames

In the GoPro HERO series released so far, it was necessary to attach it to the attached frame when attaching it to the accessory mount, but this time we adopted a design that does not require a frame.

As I will introduce in the appearance review, when mounting with a bracket, you can handle it by opening and closing the “support finger” attached to the bottom of the camera.

Appearance review

From here, take a look at the GoPro HERO8 Black with a real machine.

Despite the size change, it feels small and light like a GoPro

The width and height are about 4mm larger, and those with a conventional model may feel uncomfortable.

The GoPro HERO8 Black has a compact body that fits in one hand and is lightweight and easy to carry, which is a GoPro tradition and will not shake in the future.

No frame required, use mounting fingers to hold bracket

Previously, the camera frame was used to attach mount accessories, but with the GoPro HERO8 Black, a closable mount finger is attached to the bottom of the camera body, and the finger of the mount extends only when the mount is attached.

Easy operation just touches the screen to set, the first preset

As a GoPro-buildable set, the basic operability is impressive, but you can complete the operability of the merit just by tapping on the GoPro legacy display.

Also, GoPro HERO series has had excellent operability for a long time, but with each model change, operability gradually improves compared to continuous series.

With this HERO8 Black, presets are installed to configure image quality and viewing angle, and you can now save the combination of viewing angle and recording image quality that previously required manual settings.

With the preset function, determine the angle of view “lens” in “mode”, such as 1 exposure or continuous shooting, determine the storage format as “output” RAW, and extend the “timer” of the self-timer that is its function ~ 2 times You can specify each possible “zoom” and save it in the camera as a default setting.

Birth of modular multiples

With the GoPro HERO8 Black, three new “modular” accessories have been developed that can be attached to the outside of the camera.

The types of modularity are “Media Modular” with microphone and HDMI output port, “Display Modular” which allows you to take selfies separately from the rear screen and “Light Modular” which illuminates dark places.

.. It’s divided in.

After the launch of GoPro HERO8 Black, all pre-orders will be accepted starting in December 2019.

Staff assessment

In terms of performance, the GoPro HERO series has evolved with each model change, but this time we will introduce the features of HERO8 in terms of performance and ease of use of the real machine.

Evolved camera shake correction “Hyper Smooth 2.0”

The GoPro HERO7 Black conventional model is attracting attention because it is equipped with a mechanism called “Hyper Smooth” that greatly improves the performance of the camera shake correction mechanism that was originally installed.

From the viewer’s point of view, blurring in movie shooting is unpleasant.

Until now, shooting with the “gimbal” was thought to be effective for recording movies with less camera shake, but with the GoPro HERO7 Black equipped Hyper Smooth, camera shake is close to the state in which the camera is used. cardan.

The GoPro HERO8 Black introduced this time is called “Hyper Smooth 2.0”, which is an improvement over the conventional Hyper Smooth.

Waterproof performance at a depth of 10m

This is the same performance as before, but features waterproof performance down to a depth of 10m.

Most shots rarely dive deeper than 10m, so this is definitely a valuable camera option for diving without a housing.

The cameras were originally vulnerable to water and were strictly precision equipment,