How To Get Rich Quick In 2021

All right so you want to get rich and you want to get rich now well here we go I have this new cryptocurrency it’s gonna take over the world it is the next Bitcoin and if you buy in now tomorrow will probably up 20% 30% you were gonna double your money in a matter of hours and this is the opportunity so jump on it now just kidding all right so here’s a video you probably never thought I would make because I’m always speaking kind of against in talking sort of bad on the get-rich-quick scams and different schemes that are out there that are promising you lots of wealth and lots of wealth very quickly and oftentimes it is a scam or it’s just not a great way to build your wealth and it’s not a proven way to grow your wealth and although I do speak ill against them I do understand that there are many ways you can get rich and you can grow your wealth and some of them are quicker than others so in this video I kind of broke it down and I found seven of what are in my opinion the quickest ways that you can get rich and the cool thing is these aren’t scams these aren’t some crazy scheme or course that you’re gonna take but these are proven ways that you can grow your wealth and these just happen to work a little bit more quicker than some of the other methods that I’ve also spoken about on this channel so these aren’t in any particular order but let’s get into it and let’s learn how we can grow our wealth and in this case we can do it pretty quickly as well.

So let’s jump into it and if you’re new here my name is Calvin Rabb I make videos all about personal finance so if you’re interested in anything like that I would love it if you would subscribe the first way is through real estate now real estate is a big topic as a whole and there’s many different ways that you can grow your wealth within it so I kind of want to break it down to two kind of key ways to grow your wealth and real estate that can make you wealthy pretty quickly and can make you money pretty quickly the first way is burn or the Bur method that stands for by rehab rent refinance repeat it’ll actually be making a whole video about this because in my opinion BRR and burn vesting is the best way to grow your wealth and do it pretty quickly and it’s just my favorite way to invest in real estate and that’s kind of what I’m planning on doing with my real estates kind of journey that I am just kind of stepping out into the second way aside from burr is going to be flipping so I’m sure you guys know this one that is finding distress houses fixing them up and then selling them and then making them for a profit and generally those projects are relatively quickly you know it’s growing your well faster than say buying a rental property and different things like that one thing I do want to say with house flipping is that it’s a lot of work oftentimes when you get into it you are getting into a job you know this is not a passive income thing whatsoever this is a job that you are getting into but it is a way that you can grow your wealth pretty quickly.

So ultimately you can grow your wealth pretty quickly through real estate and I think burn busting and house flipping are two of the best ways you can do that check out my video that I’m making on burn vesting if you’re kind of learning or questioning him exactly how it’s gonna work so stay tuned for that but those are two ways that you grow your wealth pretty quickly with real estate the second way is just by adding new streams of income so if you really want to grow your wealth you want to do it quickly well then don’t just have one stream of income don’t just have your job you know you want to grow your wealth pretty quickly so you want to set up multiple streams so you have money coming in from different angles in different ways and that will grow your wealth you know if you’re relying on one stream then it’s gonna take a little bit longer than if you had multiple streams setup so this is something that you can even start today you know getting into investing in different things like that you can also get into more complex ways like starting your own business and different things like that so there’s multiple ways to set up more streams of income you know it’s kind of a general idea that millionaires have at least seven streams of income so maybe that’s your goal to get to seven streams of income so just work on adding new income streams so together they will help kind of raise your net worth together rather than relying on one stream the third way is just by being frugal you know if you’re making pretty decent money and you’re like man I want to make more money.

I want to get invested in real estate and different things like that well often times it isn’t so much a matter of making more money it’s just saving more money so you may find that if you start living frugal if you start being very careful with your money and very conscientious about where you’re spending money by the end either you make man but where did all this money come from well it just comes from being frugal so oftentimes it isn’t you know you don’t got to make a whole lot more money maybe you just got to save some more money and I talk about fur galatea lot on this channel ways you can do it without even thinking about it how to save a lot of money because going frugal is something that a lot of people think is quite difficult but in actuality it isn’t too bad so maybe the problem isn’t making a lot more money but it’s saving it and then the key thing here is when you do save it invest it that way you have the money working for you so not only are you saving money you know dollar saved is dollar earned but you’re also investing in so that money that you’re saving is going and making you more money and then it can kind of go and kind of compound interest and you benefit from everything with compound interest and exponential growth from there on out number four and this one I do kind of to offer that disclaimer that this one is certainly not a guaranteed way to get rich it is a way that you can get rich.

Sometimes it does take a lot of time but because some people do it quickly you know some people make money very quickly I wanted to add it here because it is a way that people do it so let me get to the point this one is start a business so starting a business is a great thing to do you know maybe you can get rich quickly off of it maybe you can sell it or just have a lot of money coming in quickly but regardless this can just be another income stream so you can add that to your income stream and over time it will start building your wealth so starting a business is the great thing you can do maybe you can start as a side hustle and eventually take over your main job or anything else like that so starting a business is something that especially in the world we live in today we’d kind of this globalized computer world you know everyone’s online and you can start a great online business and I got videos all about that look into different business that you can start you know it’s it’s a lot cheaper than you probably ever expected to start your own business so start looking into that and that is something that you can make quite a bit of money pretty quickly number five is learn a valuable skill so if you think about what people are gonna pay you for well people are gonna pay you to do things that they can’t do and if there’s something out there you know there’s some skill that everyone needs and you’re really good at it you know maybe you’re really good at math and you’re really good at analysis and everything’s like that well that is a valuable skill and companies will pay you for that.

If you have a very valuable skill especially if it’s a rare skill this is great because you can usually choose how much you cost you know if you do some consulting work or any like that you can kind of pick your own price because we’re valuable you know you are the one in control of this transaction because you are the one that is necessary you they need you more than you need them so you can do that you can also pick your own hours and different things like that as far as skills go I made a whole video about marketable skills that are out there so I recommend checking that out but learning kind of a rare and valuable skill is a way to make a lot of money you know you are in control then you can kind of be your own boss oftentimes and it’s just a way to make quite a bit of money pretty quickly number six is invest now and we all know that investing can grow your wealth you know it generally does take time you know it isn’t a quick thing but if you want it done quickly and the quickest you can do is just by starting now don’t keep kicking the can down the road and keep kind of prolonging your investing know if you want compound interest to work for you and you want to grow wealth and you want to do it in the quickest way possible then start today start now if you don’t really know how it works you can check out the video I made about how to invest in the stock market every single step you can check out there I walk you through how you can start getting invested but just start today start investing you know goes back to kind of the old adage of the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.

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