How To Make Extra Money On The Weekends

What do you do on the weekends probably kick back a little bit you probably relax and take a deep breath from the week you maybe go out with some friends of yours maybe kick back watch a game or something like that on Sunday well you can now change those weekends from being just kind of these relaxing weekends into money generating days for you so maybe that Monday through Friday you’ve got that day job but now let’s turn that weekend into somewhere where you can be making some money over the weekend so in this video I’m going to go over ten different ways that you can be making money on the weekend and I was I tried to be kind of strict with my choices here in that I wanted them to be kind of fun you know I don’t want you to dread every single weekend because I don’t want you to hate it so I try to find some fun ways to make some money you know if you had a long week you can maybe have a little bit of fun making this money you know having fun making some money it’s a win-win so let’s get into it these are ten different ways to make money on the weekends.

The first way are Craigslist gigs so these are kind of fun I actually sometimes look at these just like for my personal amusement I don’t know why I’m kind of weird like that but if you go on Craigslist and you go to kind of your city or your areas Craigslist page and you go on the bottom right-hand corner at least that’s where it was for me there’s like random gigs or I think it was called gigs or something along those lines and if you click on there people are posting different jobs for things that they would like you to do so maybe this is something like hanging Christmas lights or if someone’s moving just to move a few things there are a few lawyers and everything’s on there who needed something done or wanted people to kind of play a mock jury in different things like that so very interesting they’re all over the place and it’s just cool to see what people are doing and they play pay pretty good you know I saw some that were like 45 50 bucks an hour so maybe you want to look into those and see what works for you and if you have any particular skill set then maybe you can find one that matches your skill set that you enjoy and you can have some fun doing it so and every weekend can be different every gig is different so no two weekends are the same it’s kind of an adventure within itself.

Number two is the good old adage of bi-lo cell hi so on your weekends you can now go and find good deals so maybe this is going to garage sales or two for things like that or maybe going to thrift stores use clothing stores and finding really good deals and then you can go and post that online and sell that and make that spread make that difference and you only really want to do this if you enjoy you know some people just really love finding good deals and selling and they make kind of a game and this could be something that you could do you know maybe you want to look for one particular thing maybe you really know clothing and you know what nice clothing looks like you know what a good deal looks like and you can go buy that and sell that online for more money so kind of make a game out of it have some fun with it but this is a great way that you can make money on the weekends.

Number three I’m calling this one skill gigs so if you have a particular skill or something you’re really good at you can now on the weekends monetize that make some money with it so what I mean with skill gigs well think about what you’re good at you know maybe you’re really good at car detailing or maybe you’re a plumber or maybe you’re really good at something that involves a garden or something like that I don’t really know there are a whole bunch of different skills that are out there see what you’re really good at maybe something that you enjoy and advertise that to your friends and just say hey like I do car detailing on the weekends there’s so much I cost and if you’re interested just let me know just send me an email you can even create a little site just a simple little website you can create in a day if you wanted to you could advertise maybe on Facebook or something like that and hopefully it’s something that you can enjoy and you’ll be able to make some money doing that on the weekend say hey I only work Saturday Sunday what hours work best for you and then start making money through that and if you enjoy it then hey it won’t even feel like work.

Number four is you can drive for uber or lyft now the great thing about this is that you can get paid and of course you can choose your hours so you can work maybe you just want to work mornings and evenings and weekends are a good time to be working for uber and lyft because you know a lot of people are going out a lot of people go downtown they go to the bars and they need a designated driver and often times they resort to uber for that kind of thing that they need you know they need a ride home often times intoxicated and you can take advantage of that there’s high demand for drivers especially on the weekend so if you have a car and you don’t mind having other people in it you can do drive for uber or lyft if you don’t really like that idea of having some intoxicated or just people you don’t know in the back of your car well then you can look into maybe driving for more like food apps so things like uber eats and posts mates and GrubHub and different things like that and you can make some money doing that as well so maybe that’s something you’re interested in look into doing that you can choose the hours that you work and who knows maybe that’s a way that you can make some extra money on the weekends.

Number five is tutoring and you can make good money tutoring you know tutors actually make a good amount of money so if you know something within academics or something like that that you’re quite good at well then you can tutor you know you can maybe put up a little website or just advertise your friends put little flyers in schools saying that you do this or you do that and you can begin tutoring I have a roommate that does this for chemistry and he makes good money and just say hey you work on the weekends and if it’s a particular subject that you’re passionate about maybe it’s history or something like that that you really like they know won’t even feel like work and it’s very rewarding to help other people plus when you tutor I haven’t done formal tutoring but I’ve helped a lot of people and I help a lot of people in math I really enjoy calculus and it’s very rewarding for me you know ice.

Number six is freelancing and freelancing is certainly something that you can do on the weekends now freelancing is just when you have a particular skill of yours and you put it up for sale so maybe you are an artist or maybe you are a photographer or anything like that well you can go and put those skills up online people can hire you in when people ask for your hours just say hey I only work on weekends and that’s okay and if you start to get a higher our demand then maybe you want to take on that freelancing job a little more seriously and who knows maybe freelancing can all of a sudden become your full-time job so maybe this is something you want to look into you can always look at freelancing sites you know if there’s things like Fiverr and things like just freelancer and everything’s like that so look into different things like that.

Number seven is you can get a side job and you actually can find jobs specifically for weekends or when you only work on weekends so the way you can do this is you can really head to any job site so maybe it’s like in deed or something along those lines and just type in weekend jobs or anything with weekends in it and a whole bunch of different jobs of paka paka pop-up that are just for the weekends so you can look at those and see what the different job opportunities are in your area on the weekends you can apply for some and then it’s much more of kind of a guaranteed thing you know like with uber lyft you don’t really know how much you’re making but if you can have a set hourly wage at your macon or maybe even the set salary or something along those lines you know how much you’re gonna be making and this can definitely be something if you need kind of more guaranteed money to make this much and you never know you may find that you like it maybe you can be brought on full-time and then you won’t have your other job or something like that so just look what’s up what are the opportunities on the weekends in your area.

Number eight and this one’s gonna sound a little crazy at first but once I explain it a little bit you’ll start to understand it and that is start your own business now this won’t probably bring in a lot of money in the beginning you know you’re when you’re starting a business and often times sometimes takes a little bit of money and it just takes a while to build that business so although you may not be making that much money in the beginning you can start to make real money in the long run you know this isn’t like that job that you got on the weekends like that other one when you start your own business you know the sky’s the limit to how much money you could be making so this is something you may want to look into and this it could get exciting you know maybe if you just go towards one of your passions or something like that and it can take over your real job eventually so if you have some itch some business that you’ve been wanting to starting just start it go for it you don’t know what it could turn into there’s never a better time to start your business the Internet has opened up so many opportunities it’s made so much stuff cheaper that you can get in so start your own business and I don’t think you’ll regret it so just do it and you don’t know what can happen you don’t know what it’s gonna turn into.

Number nine is rent out a room in your house so this is big if you live by some attraction so maybe you are live by a downtown or you live by a stadium or a college or something like that where people are coming in and out and especially if maybe you live by stadium and they have weekend games or something like that you can open up your house to the places like Airbnb and start open it for renters or if you have an extra room you can rent it out just on the weekends you know maybe not during the week but just on the weekends you have people in there or you could do it during the week as well I guess it’s not too much of a difference it’s not really taking that much time from you but you can open it up then and start making some money through things like Airbnb renting out a room for the weekends becoming your own little hotel if you really want to take it seriously you can look into things like starting in B&B or anything like that so you don’t think it’s too serious with it but you can start making money by having renters coming in on the weekends and start getting a little bit of cash flow doing that.

Number ten is invest so I know the stock market isn’t open on the weekends and if you want to know why the select market isn’t open 24/7 I actually made a video about that so you can check that one out but you can make money kind of with your investments and the way you would do it is by on the weekends you do your research so when the weekends maybe crack open some of the investing books you can do a little bit of research into companies you know go to different like Yahoo Finance and different financial information websites see what the companies are doing and you can kind of pick and choose which stocks you want to buy and then during the week is actually when you make your money so you’d be invested in them.

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