How To Make Money On Social Media in 2021

What do you think of well you probably think of the place where you go just to waste time catch up on all your friends and just see how everyone’s doing for me it’s a place where I have a lot of basketball on my feet I follow a lot of basketball people and Instagram and everything’s like that but it’s generally seen as being a waste of time in in this video I want to completely flip that notion I want to talk about social media and how to change it from being a time suck to being a kind of a money-making business now there’s many different ways you can do this and I want to talk about seven of them so I’m gonna go over seven different ways that you can really make money from social media so these are different for everyone and hopefully by the end you’ll have at least one or two of these that kind of piqued your interest and you may want to pursue so let’s get into it let’s have social media be an income-generating kind of asset for you.

The first way you can make money on social media is sell rights to your photos so generally this would be for someone that is kind of a photographer so maybe has a social media account with their photography on it and you want to somehow monetize it so you can monetize it by selling your rights to those photos so generally companies or different people will look at that and like man that’s a really beautiful photo I would like to use that on my website or maybe print it somehow or just use it for some campaign or something like that and however anyone wants to use the photo they like the photo that’s all it’s important so you can have like a link in your bio to a website where they can go and purchase the rights to that photo and essentially here you’re using Instagram I’m talking about Instagram here but really you could really use any social media as being the lever or being that marketing tool that allows people to see everything so first you want to build a pretty good presence and then you want to monetize it by kind of selling your rights to the photos.

The number two way is kind of flipping that first way on its head and looking at it from a reverse angle and that is editing so there’s a lot of photographers on Instagram and there’s a lot of influencers on Instagram who have to have their photos edited or they don’t have to but they do get their photos edited you know just color grading and if and things like that so they pop and look good and if you are really good at editing then you can make money off of that you can make money off of other people’s Instagram accounts so just advertise yourself as an editor maybe even on social media you have an account you can have on Instagram or Facebook like before-and-after photos where you may be adjusted some lighting made people’s skin look smooth and then people can contact you for just one time deals like hey could you adit this photo I’d like you to do this this this and you just send it right back to him so that’s kind of photography editing you can also look into doing things like video editing so this is kind of new on Instagram more specifically is you can edit someone’s videos to make it like a nice Instagram video making sure everything kind of flows and fits into one another so this may be something you want to look at so editing as a whole is something that is a very interesting one you know everyone looks at the business of being a photographer and stuff but forgets there’s this whole other side to it which is the editing side that comes with social media.

Number three is create and promote products so this is for the people that are kind of creative and have created something so maybe you created a podcast or an e-book or maybe a little craft or something like that you know I have friends of mine who have created just little businesses around little trinkets and different things like that that they’ve created that are quite helpful and you can use social media to advertise it you know you can test out different ad campaigns which I find very interesting and you can just try different things to promote your whatever the product is so this is all about you this would be moreso using YouTube as a tool or not YouTube but it could be YouTube using YouTube or Instagram or Facebook or social media in general as a tool to advertise your businesses so this is certainly a way that you can use it as the marketing side to your business and the cool thing is it’s easy it’s accessible to everyone and everyone’s on it.

Number four is through affiliate marketing now you’ve probably seen this on Instagram quite a bit usually comes up with someone has a connection or a relationship with some company and they talk about a certain product and then at the end they say use this link when you go and buy it or Lincoln bio use my link and let them know by sent you or something along those lines usually it’s some just kind of affiliates kind of code that they want you to pump in and then what happens is when someone goes and pumps that into the company or when they buy it and use your link then you will usually get a little bit of money in return for bringing that company a customer so this is something you can do on Instagram generally a lot of these are kind of catching a trend here you first want to have a following and then with that following you can then use it to go and have affiliate links involved then you can make pretty good money doing that way and it’s great if you can even have a relationship with companies that you know you know if you use a certain product a whole bunch then see if they have an affiliate program that you can be a part of that way you aren’t being more so kind of superficial and pushing ads in people’s faces of products that you don’t really use but if they’re ones that you truly use that you truly enjoy and get worth out of then it can be a win-win for everyone the fifth way and this way is pretty closely linked to.

Number four except it has a slight difference so this one is promoter or advertiser and this is just someone who would work with a specific company and they promote that company’s products so they’re not so much paid necessarily for affiliate links although they could but they’re more so paid like for advertisement so you know they’re paid to go and make the certain Instagram post and I see this quite a bit with kids my age you know I have know someone who advertises for I believe it’s like a ship company one is a soda company so there’s different opportunities here and you’re just there to promote it and they’re looking for especially younger individuals you know if a specific company wants to be well-liked within kind of college kids or younger people in general especially Millennials they’ll want millennials to be posting about it so that there are friends who are also Millennials will know about it so you can just look at different opportunities online you know you hear about some that are crazy you know famous people like the Kardashians and the Jenner’s being paid millions of dollars for a single Instagram post and that just goes to show that companies.

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