Top 10 Highest Paying Nursing Jobs

Top 10 usually highest paying nursing positions once you go into nursing or learn a little bit more about the field you start to realize that there are so many different avenues that you can go as a nurse so many different fields and areas of study that you can enter and I can’t talk about all of them that would be a long video so I decided to try to group them together and find the highest paying ones so i found the salary for all of them or most of them at least and i took the highest paying ones of course the price or the salary that you’re going to get is going to change wherever you’re working you know here in los angels nurses are usually paid a lot more than the salaries that I’m going to say but just take it as a ballpark number and another thing that i wanted to say before we get started into these 10 is that there are different requirements in order to kind of enter this position and for that you’re just going to do a little bit more information on it you know.

Sometimes you’ll need extra certificates but for the most part there’s a lot of similarities between them but there’s different avenues that you can go to become you know whichever position I’m talking about whether it be an associate’s degree in nursing or getting your bachelor’s degree in nursing or your registered nursing license or your master’s degree and maybe more there’s a bunch of different certifications depending where you’re going so i didn’t break them all down by certification and requirements if you’re interested in something I highly recommend than just doing a little bit more research to figure out what you would need to really qualify for that position so i’ve talked enough it’s now time to jump into this information so without any further ado let’s get into it and let’s talk about the top 10 highest paying jobs for nurses let’s get into it.

Number 10 is an occupational health nurse practitioner making just under 98 000 per year and this is going to be base average salary so this is before any bonuses or incentives or anything like that so this is base average salary and what a occupational health nurse practitioner is going to do is it’s kind of in the term occupational but you are going to be dealing with a lot of work injuries or work related just accidents illnesses and anything like that so you’re oftentimes going to be working and really creating different programs and health safety situations for employees and oftentimes a lot of the businesses that you may be involved with are going to be ones that maybe require a little bit of manual labor although that being said really every business is going to need a occupational health nurse in one capacity or another because even if you just have a desk job you can still get an illness still get injured so there’s going to be a lot of creating safety programs for them and also making sure everything is documented because any illness any injury in the workplace is definitely going to want to be well documented because sometimes a lawsuit may follow or anything like that so without getting into all of it your main thing that you’re dealing with here with is just workplace injuries.

number nine is a geriatric nurse making just under 99 000 so what a geriatric nurse is going to be doing is it’s going to be working with older people and helping them sort of with that process of aging you know you start to lose a little bit of a lot of your mental cognition or your physical abilities and it’s helping people cope with aging and on top of that it’s a little bit more than just coping with it you know it’s also helping them and continuing them and allowing them to be still independent and active people so you are going to be working with older people and if this is something that you really enjoy or particularly passionate about.

number eight is a clinical nurse specialist making just over a hundred and one thousand dollars per year so a clinical nurse specialist is interesting because it’s a lot of maybe what you’d assume a nurse would do with a nice little added bonus at the end so this person is going to be doing a lot of what you would consider nurse duties you know assessing diagnosing and helping with the whole process of an injury or anything else going on within the body you know what you would expect a nurse to be doing but this has an added position of you’re also helping the medical system from within so you’re looking at the systems that are currently going on within your hospital and you’re seeing if there’s any way that you could help them make them run more efficiently or just help the client experience as a whole so it’s kind of interesting that you have the normal nurse duties but you also have on top of that more of almost this business mindset you know helping the hospital run more efficiently and i think this is something that’s really interesting a lot of different companies and fields have people from within that help really just propel the business and innovate forward in order to make a better client experience and that’s part of the position of a clinical nurse specialist there is more to that i was doing some research on that and there’s some pretty cool things that they will do as far as you know pushing the hospital forward and helping it to kind of take on new technologies.

number seven is a certified nurse midwife who’s gonna be making just over a hundred and two thousand dollars base average salary so this is someone who really specializes in women’s reproductive and child care at the same time so this is more than you know you probably hear midwife and you probably think oh they’re there during childbirth and you’re right but it’s a lot more than just helping a woman through childbirth you know they are there to assess different issues that may go on write prescriptions diagnose different things that you know they look at in the process of childbirth so it’s a lot more than just being there during childbirth but really being an expert on women’s reproductive health and helping someone go through their pregnancy and making sure that they are as healthy as they possibly can throughout the whole process so it’s a whole lot more than just being.

number six is a gastroenterology nurse making over a hundred and six thousand dollars per year so which you can probably get from that term gastro and that is gonna be dealing with a lot of stomach and bowel issues and you’re gonna be really helping people with their digestive health you know making sure that their body can absorb nutrients properly and this is going to be really what your specialty is going to be within and this is what you’re going to be studying and just helping people with any issues that they have you know in particular the stomach.

number five is a nurse practitioner making over 107 000 per year so this is a very general term and as i go throughout these 10 you’ll see a lot of me saying oh some subject or some specialty then practitioner or something like that and that’s because usually nurse practitioners will specialize in one thing or another so this is the general form so oftentimes if someone says they’re a nurse practitioner there’s usually more that they may specialize in however a nurse practitioner kind of holistically what they’ll do overarching is just going to be someone who has advanced medical training and they are then because of that training and certifications they have they are then able to diagnose and treat and come up with systems in place for a certain client who may be injured and kind of help them along the recovery process so this is someone that is there the whole time with their clients and it is very general as i said they will usually specialize in something but because of their advanced training they are able to do everything that is really necessary providing evidence-based health recommendations and things like that because they do have the proper training component.

number four is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and this person is going to be making just under 108 000 per year so in the term mental health that is what this is all about so this is going to be all about helping people with mental health issues and as we all know mental health is a broad kind of general term and there’s so many things that fall within mental health and what this person’s gonna be doing is helping people with their mental health so this could be something like talking to them diagnosing the issue and then more than more importantly almost is helping them on a road to recovery you know maybe that is something therapy related or medic just needing medications in order to help with their mental health issue and in my research you know when i was trying to figure out exactly what this type of nurse practitioner is going to do there’s a lot of substance abuse work that you will be doing here and i think that was something.

number three is a pain management nurse making just over one dollar over on average 109 000 so pain management nurse is really in the name there what’s going to be dealing here is with patients with some type of pain so maybe this is chronic pain or acute pain but what you’re going to be doing is helping them with that pain and this may be something that’s been lingering or it could be as a result of a surgery or an injury or something along those lines and you’re helping them with that so maybe it’s medical related or really any other way that you can help as far as you know there might be other therapeutic methods that may help them so this again is a broad spectrum you may also specialize within here whether it be of a particular surgery or a particular type of pain that this person may be having and there’s a whole lot here because pain is a catch-all term there is a lot that falls under that and a lot of different specialties within that.

number two is an oncology nurse practitioner and here you’re going to be making just over 117 thousand dollars per year so what you’re going to be doing here is going to be dealing with cancer patients and this may be you know studying cancer or working on preventative measures for cancer education or just general administration there’s a lot of different things that you can do as an oncology nurse practitioner but here whatever you’re doing is going to be centered around cancer in one way or another and this is usually helping people with you know the process of going through it and helping treat patients so if you’re particularly interested or passionate about cancer as a subject this may be something that you want to look into and maybe something that you want to pursue and this of course is a very important job hence why it is the second highest paying nursing job.

number one is a certified registered nurse anesthetist and usually this is just referred to as a crane and a crane is gonna be making just under 154 thousand dollars per year so from the term anesthetist you can see that this is going to be dealing with anesthesia and really this is going to be dealing with all things anesthesia related so whether it be the administering of anesthesia or just helping and monitoring someone that is currently under anesthesia or of course after someone you know wakes up from anesthesia helping them and monitoring them throughout that process afterwards so this is going to be dealing with all things anesthesia related and as you know anesthesia is very important in the medical field and it can be quite complex.

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