Top 10 Jobs That Will Not Be Lost To Automation

Today one big fear that a lot of people have is they’re worried that their job is going to be taken by robots or automation or they’re worried about what their job is going to look like in the future you know am i going to be needed are there going to be job opportunities for my job so in this video i wanted to go over 10 different jobs that are not going to be lost to automation or by robots at least anytime in the near future i have no idea what’s going to happen in the distant future but as far as the way that automation robots are looking these jobs are going to be safe with kind of that first wave of jobs that will survive through automation so these are no particular order but let’s get into it and let’s start talking about 10 different jobs that are going to stay while robots start to take over a whole bunch of other jobs number one is counseling and there’s a bunch of different jobs that incorporate different types of counseling so there are things like therapists and there’s also psychologists and many different jobs within even academia and of course in the workplace and everything’s like that so this is something that isn’t going to be taken by a robot anytime soon because it involves those kind of complex relationships that humans can have that robots haven’t been able to develop with humans.

You know to talk out a problem to be able to kind of think creatively about different things and create an emotional connection with someone that is something that is needed in counseling that robots can’t do so this is a job that is going to be safe for a very long time coming at number two are leaders and this of course also takes shape in a different job so this could be anything managerial related or CEO or anyone that is head of a team because being a leader makes you have to make tough decisions and deal with different personalities and robots are oftentimes very logical they can’t think out of the box and in order to be a good leader you have to be able to think out of the box and make decisions that aren’t obvious or something like that so and it also involves that relationship aspect that’s something that you’re going to see a lot in these is it involves a relationship that is necessary between two people you know it isn’t purely like data or something like that so you need to have a relationship in order for these businesses to do well and of course these jobs to thrive in as well coming at number three is the business of artificial intelligence so artificial intelligence and machine learning and all these other topics are of course what is going to be taking the jobs but there will be jobs that are building these machines you know it kind of comes back to that paradigm of you know if machines are taking all the jobs what jobs do you want well the people that are building and controlling the machines so these are oftentimes very complex jobs that you do have to know a lot about this you can just get started here by knowing a lot about programming and knowing a lot about you know building artificial intelligence and different things like that creating automation and a lot of different opportunities here a lot of great online courses i’m in the process of learning python programming at a deeper level.

I’m taking a lot of pretty cool courses that i found on Udemy they’re not sponsoring this of course but that would be kind of cool but you may just will need a lot of understanding there and just finding jobs that are kind of controlling the robots if that’s the best way to say that coming at number four is politics now politics as we all know does require those human interactions and debate and the reason that politics exists is because there are no easy answers they deal with very complex situations that don’t exactly even have a right answer and they have to debate and compromise and it is also a leadership position that does fall under there so it just has to be that politics is something that’s not going to be taken by robots anytime soon and this is something that you know if you gravitate towards that then that may be something you want to look into coming at number five and this is probably something that you kind of expected and that is creative jobs meaning jobs that require you to have a lot of creativity so maybe this is something like an artist or a speechwriter a graphic designer or a hairdresser or a stylist or something that requires some type of creativity and that’s because within your creativity you are creating things that haven’t existed before you know you can’t program a robot to decide what the best hairstyle is for me because it takes someone to thinks out of the box i can see other things and a robot can think logically but it’s not going to think out of the box.

Try maybe new things and different things like that so creative jobs are something that you may want to at least incorporate somewhat you know you don’t have to go out and become an artist or something like that but try to find jobs within your field of interest that require creativity you know this is something that a lot of companies look for they are looking for creative people when it comes to people they want to hire and that’s because you know that’s something that you can’t get out of a robot or an automated system or something like that coming at number six are instructors or coaches so this could be something like a teacher or a professor or a sports coach or someone like that and the reason these won’t be taken is because it involves those complex relationships when i’m struggling with something in my academic studies i am an economic student and i study economics you know i may have trouble somewhere i have to go to the professor and they have to think of different ways to explain it to me they can think out of the box and it creates this relationship again a complex relationship between student and professor and really in order for a team to be good the coach is the leader who is in charge of facilitating great chemistry amongst the team and different things like that so we are not going to see robot coaches or anything like that anytime soon because relationships in any teaching scenario is so so important and it goes a long way with whether it be the athlete or the student or just kind of the person learning that relationship is so important for them to learn things and get better at what they’re doing coming at number seven is a caretaker and this one can be understood because you again need that complex relationship you know you’re starting to see that theme of you know jobs that aren’t going to be taken by robots are ones that have that relationship aspect involved so this is going to be someone like a home health aide and home health aide is actually an interesting job.

I’ve talked about it before in jobs that are most in demand so this is something that won’t be taken by robots and it’s in demand which is two very good things for any future job aspirations so you may want to look into something like that but any caretaker requires that relationship development between the caretaker and the kind of client being taken care of that that won’t be something that’s taken my robots anytime soon coming at number eight are entertainers and these encompass a whole bunch of different jobs whether it be an actor a singer an athlete even maybe a youtuber and we’re not quite at the point where we actively look at robots as entertainment or anything we still see them as machines you know when you turn on entertain I’m sure there are some kind of smaller cases where there are robots as entertainment but for the most part when you turn on entertainment it is a human actor a human athlete or something like that and i think that’s just because as humans we gravitate to uh kind of ourselves and be entertained by ourselves and we see ourselves in famous people in athletes in actors and different things like that so this is something that isn’t going to be taken by robots or automation anytime soon because it involves that relationship between the viewer and the person in front of the camera or whatever kind of maybe on stage or something like that so that’s something that won’t be taken any time soon.

I don’t even really see robots or anything entering the acting entertainment scene yet so that may be something that you want to look into if you are passionate about that coming at number nine our healthcare workers and this of course is a large job this encompasses doctors surgeons nurses physicians assistants and so much more and yes you can argue that machines and artificial intelligence may take some jobs in here but for the most part what i see when it comes to the healthcare industry it streamlines and makes the jobs easier for a lot of healthcare workers rather than taking the job altogether so surgeons will have technology always improving around them but it will not so much take their job as much as it will allow them to do their job better more efficiently and easier so if you usually go into the kind of healthcare field it’s usually something you can be pretty confident that that job’s going to be there in 20 years or so and nursing is another one that’s kind of in the healthcare field and it’s because of the complex relationship nursing involves a complex relationship and you need to have empathy as a doctor you need to be able to talk to someone and you know empathize with them of course if it’s something sad related you want to be sad with them this is something that robots can’t quite do and this is what makes humans so special is that empathetic side that we have the ability to see ourselves in others.

Number 10 is law enforcement and this is one because of that complex relationship again there are so many complex relationships that are necessary within law enforcement and on top of that it’s not so much that complex relationship as it is every day is different the way that robots and automation work is it works on things that are always the same so you repeat the same process every time because you can train a computer to do that however if every situation is different then it may be a fairly routine stop or something like that but every individual is going to be a little bit different it takes that empathetic side that quick thinking that exists in law enforcement different things like that so law enforcement is another field that is not going to be taken by robots or automation anytime soon all right so that will wrap it up those are 10 different jobs that i see that will not be taken by robots or automation anytime soon now of course those are only 10 and i know there are so so many more.

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