Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs For College Students

One thing that a lot of college students talk about is finding a job you know you got to pay the bills when you’re at school and you know what’s the best job to get there’s lots of different opportunities and things like that so in this video I narrowed it down to five great jobs that I see for college students and i found these through not only my research but I have friends that do each of these and I think they’re all great opportunities you know flexible hours and pay pretty well so without any further ado let’s get into it and let’s talk about five of the best jobs that i see for college students. At number one and i think this is one of the best jobs for college students and this is actually what i did and this is jobs on campus so if you work at really any school no matter the size there are going to be jobs that are on campus so for me i worked at the library for a little while i worked as a technical assistant so i helped people with basic computer issues and printing i don’t know why but at schools all the schools I’ve been to printing is unbelievably complex and i don’t know why it’s like that but it is and that’s mainly what i worked on so i worked in the library there and one other thing you know this kind of golden nugget if you can find a job like this this is what i did it’s fantastic and that is if you can find a job that you can study at so with my job some ships you know not that many people come in i may work from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on a Monday night.

Something like that and and oftentimes it’s a little busy in the beginning but then I’d have like two three hours where i wouldn’t really be working with anyone and the people my manager was very you know gracious to me allowed me to sit there and i was able to get some good studying done so i was able to study while making money it’s a win-win and it was a great job for me i really enjoyed it when i did it and i have happy memories with it so if you can find a job like that that’s great working on campus is just also nice because they can work around your schedule you probably live near or on campus so that’s another perk as well you don’t have to travel to a different you know job or anything like that you know that may be out of town or something like that coming at number two is a freelancer and a freelancer is kind of a general term for really anyone that has a specific skill that they allow people to hire them out for so maybe this is a freelance artist a freelance web designer or something like that and the reason being a freelancer is good for college students is a because it allows you to make a lot of money but it also allows you to kind of choose your own hours you know maybe you want to work two hours in the evening you kind of pick when you want to work and everything’s like that there’s no real set schedule with being a freelancer and another reason i like it is because it allows you to really grow it you can start small.

Your freelance project could start making you a full-time income that after you graduate you can go do that and if it’s something that you’re passionate about something that you’re good at then that may be something that you know it’s a win-win you’re doing something that you like and you’re making good money doing it so just start small start when you’re in college you can even do this on the side and grow it a little bit coming at number three is tutoring and this i think is a great job for college students for a number of reasons firstly there’s a lot of tutoring opportunities especially on a college campus you know if you are particularly good at a subject usually there’s a lot of opportunities there for you also it’s on campus usually there’s usually a tutoring center that you can work with and the reason that i actually like tutoring the most and I consider being a tutoring for a long time a tutor for a long time is it allows you to learn a subject at a much deeper level so for me I am quite good at calculus i really enjoy it and i really find a lot of you know pleasure in teaching other people calculus it’s always nice you know when they finally understand it it’s very a rewarding feeling for me so I always when I was teaching calculus i started to learn it at such a deep level and most of calculus that i understand and have learned is actually from teaching people have having people ask me you know tough questions about calculus it helped me learn it at a better level level and there’s a lot of research on that too you know if you’re struggling with something try teaching it to someone else.

That will help you learn it at a much deeper level and another thing on top of this is you can make good money as a tutor per hour this is probably one of the highest paying ones my roommate is also a tutor he tutors chemistry and he does a lot of his stuff virtually so he works with different tutoring companies that are out there you know he has his profile people can go find him he also is a little more entrepreneurial too and then he has his own gig you know people can find him as well so a bunch of different places that he’s out there and he makes a lot per hour and i think it’s just a great thing to go in because tutoring and academics is something that will people will pay good money for and if you are a great tutor those are hard to come by so this may be something that you’re interested in as well coming at number four is a restaurant related job so there’s so many different opportunities within here you know you could be more involved with the cooking or you could be a busser or a waiter a host or something along those lines a lot of different opportunities fall under these restaurant related jobs that you may be interested in and the great thing about this is you will also be making tips so oftentimes per hour this could be more than a lot of different jobs that are out there so this may be something you want to look into you do have to know that you can work a lot of wacky hours that is one bummer thing.

Sometimes I have a lot of friends that are waiters and you know they come to class the next morning and they’re just exhausted and they talk about how they had to close the night before they were at the restaurant or something until midnight or something like that so be aware of that but if you can kind of form a good relationship with maybe your manager your boss then they can oftentimes work around your schedule and this is a very common one that everyone kind of knows about so and it’s also a perk if you enjoy the food and you like the atmosphere that you’re working at as well coming at number five and this one’s actually fairly controversial just in the fact that I’ve heard mixed reviews I’ve had friends do this some people really liked it and some people really disliked it and this is drive for user lift and of course there’s other options that are out there for you and this is just you know you’re gonna have to use your car and the great thing is you can pick your own hours and you make decent money some of my friends have been satisfied with the money while others think it would have been more worthwhile to go work elsewhere and it also does a number on your car as well and if maybe someone having someone in your car isn’t your cup of tea then you can also look into driving for more food delivery companies you know the post mates user eats and there’s quite a few of them now so you can look into something like that as well but this is also allows you you know it’s not a stressful job or anything necessarily like that although at some points it can be stressful but you got to turn your brain off a little bit and do it and you know listen to music and maybe relax a little bit too.

So maybe this is something that you want to look into and just see if it kind of fits your personality and your kind of interests all right so we went over the five i now want to go over the bonus one and this one could be maybe the most important one i didn’t add it in the list because they are tough to come by and i just didn’t want to add it really for that reason but i do think it’s very important and that is an internship so an internship at holistic level every college student kind of knows what it is but it’s when you go and work for a company as a college student usually for a short amount of time you know 10 weeks maybe for a summer or a semester or a quarter or something like that and you work for them and you really get integrated into the business and you learn so much this is hands-on learning and this is something that i highly recommend for all college students to check out i had an accounting internship that i learned so much more than i could have learned in the classroom so i recommend doing that also unfortunately out there are a lot of unpaid internships that are out there although that may not be possible you know in the budget i understand that we got to make money somehow this may be something that isn’t possible but i wouldn’t let it completely scare you away because everyone that i know that has a full-time job offer after they graduate got it through usually some type of internship.

Somehow it was an internship and this may be something that you may want to think about because you know yeah maybe it’s not paid now but if it can lead to a high paying job later then it’s worth it uh but there are a lot of paid internships that are out there especially at bigger companies and different things like that so that may be something that you want to think about and look at if you want to pursue that and that one just it really takes a lot of persistence you know in getting an internship there are so many different opportunities out there you got to be early and you got to be persistent so that’s kind of my two words of recommendation for you when it comes to that but that will wrap it up so those are the five of the best jobs that I see out there for college students with a nice little bonus at the end now those are five I know there are so so many more I have friends that are doing some really cool things at different jobs and I would love to hear from you what are your thoughts is there another job that you highly recommend college students you know take advantage of you know look at that’s high paying maybe flexible with hours and maybe helpful for later in life as well if so well I would love it if you drop it in the comments below.

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