Top 8 Home-Based Business Ideas

So in this blog I’m gonna go over 10 different jobs that will allow you to work from home that will allow you to start a business and have a pretty scalable business model and you can start all these businesses in your house use your house as the headquarters and you know you don’t need a whole lot of capital to begin with because you don’t have to go buy some big office building or something like that so these can start right where you are these are 10 pretty high-paying you can make quite a bit of money from this home-based businesses that you can start today.

Number one is start a clothing company you know this can start with just t-shirts you know you can print different t-shirts maybe you want to even get a t-shirt printer I’m not too sure exactly what you call them but you can look on Amazon for those or if you want to get a little more into it you can still have an entire little mini Factory at your place of residence and you can have clothing being made you know I’ve seen this a lot of times even at high school I knew there was one girl who started a clothing company revolving bikinis.

Everything’s like that and there was another group who just started a clothing company so this is great for even younger people older people all it takes a creative and kind of imaginative mind someone that has an eye for clothing and just knows what people like and it starts with just advertising to your friends and you can create a website and grow from there so there’s plenty of information online about how to start a clothing company but this may be for you and this may be a way to make money you can use some room in your house as a storage facility and packaging facility and you can kind of run the whole show and ship it from there so this may be something you’re interested in it’s a fascinating field and you can make pretty good money doing it.

Number two is air B&B now this is a little more on Orthodox in that you’re not starting like your own company but you are kind of turning your place of residence into a little mini hotel and you can make money from it and the cool thing is the infrastructure is already built for you you know you should have to sign up there get your house on it and start getting some air B&B customers coming in so this is a pretty easy thing that you can do I know a lot of people do that here in San Diego they have their houses on Airbnb and you can certainly do that so maybe look into doing this get some extra money coming in through Airbnb.

Number three is dog care and I think this is one of the best businesses that you can start if you have a house that’s really built for it you know if you have a lot of land maybe an extra building on your property or something like that where you can maybe house some of the dogs but this is a great thing that you can get into because a lot of people don’t really like kennels and I actually know that because we’re now looking for someone to take care of our dog over well we’re going on vacation next week and it’s just you don’t really want to put them in a kennel you know I know kennels have gotten better.

But there’s still kind of a stigma around them but I do know some people we took our old dog to they had a home-based business where they had this big backyard they’d let the dogs run all day and it was something that my dog really enjoyed and they made a whole lot of money from it last time we talked to them they now had an assistant and it is a full-blown business so it’s also very high in demand if you are great with animals have a lot of space this could be something that can certainly make you a lot of money.

Number four is a beauty professional and I realized that this is a pretty general field but there are specifics that I want to get into you know you can become someone like a hair professional or a makeup professional and of course you can do people’s hair and makeup and people pay a lot of money for that I know back when I was in high school a lot of people would go to some mom’s house that did hair and makeup and then they would pay a little bit of money they’d get everything set up there you know they’d all be looking great for prom or anything along those lines I also know a lot of kids my age I know a couple girls who are kind of in that beauty influencer world you know they’ve created an Instagram page and a YouTube channel surrounding makeup and everything’s like that you can make a lot of money through that and I also know someone we actually had a neighbor who did who was kind of had a little mini barber shop at their house and she would have people come.

Number five is a photographer now a photographer can make quite a bit of money now I haven’t worked with that many photographers I’ve done laying more professional family photos and different things like that but the one place that I did see what kind of showed me how much money these people can make is when I got my senior portraits done so here in the United States it’s pretty common for people to take senior portraits you know you get your photos taken your senior year and they’re pretty special you know we have ours hung up in our house and it’s so my whole family did it and it’s pretty cool but you can’t make good money doing it I remember when I went and got my senior portraits done it was done at just some lady’s house.

You know she had a bunch of different set set up that I would stand out I’d write on and she had a little chalkboard I’d stand by like an old door and different things like that and it was really neat it was really well done she had a great camera and she kind of set up her house in such a way that could take great photos we also walked in kind of a little forest she had by her house so it was pretty cool it was well done and we paid quite a bit of money and senior portraits do cost a lot but people that want to get professional photos you know maybe it’s a wedding photography you know when you want to capture a moment in someone’s life people will pay money for someone to capture that moment so that may be something you want to look into if you have an eye for photography.

Number six is a chef now I mean there’s so much more of a small scale I don’t mean opening a restaurant at your house I don’t even think that’s actually legal I think there’s different regulations you’d have to have that you want pass inspection if it was really in your but you can’t become a chef on a much smaller level you know if you are really good at making something you know if you make the best chocolate chip cookies that anyone’s ever heard of well then you can advertise that with your friends they’ll buy it and different things like that.

You can also maybe advertise if you girls like people around you who can’t cook for themselves either they’re too busy maybe they’re sick you know if you have elderly people in your neighborhood or if there’s an elderly neighborhood by you you can say hey like I prep these meals I can cook them for you you pay me and then I give you all your meals for a week or something like that so if you really enjoy cooking this could be something that could eventually be a business for you you will want to look at what the rules and if things are because I know like food and safety may have a little bit of trouble if you’re baking all in your house or something so look what the rules are but if you keep it on a smaller scale.

Number seven is a personal trainer now getting healthy is something that people will pay for you know people want to be in good shape people want to be healthy and you can kind of take advantage of that and it’s a win-win you know you make money and you also help someone get healthy lose weight whatever their goals are and the cool thing is you don’t really need a gym you know if a big gym at least if you have a little gym that you can create maybe in your garage or something like that set up a little gym for people you can set up programs for people you can also set up like eating programs and if you know quite a bit about this this could be really helpful you know I have a lot of friends who know quite a bit about being healthy and it’s a wealth of information and you can also help out a lot of different people get them on different programs help them with a few different things that they may be just having trouble.

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